Side Slip
Side Slip Tester
Model: KEA-3000, KEA-10000, KEA-15000

Harga: 70.juta

Product Description
This tester can measure the amount of camber and toe when 4 wheels are driving simultaneously. Two CRT monitors are provided, one for driver and the other for the adjuster in pit, and wheel base setting is automatically conducted by laser sensors according to the data in-put.

Product Specification / Models
Max. Weight : 15000kg
Measuring range : In / Out : 0.0~ 10.0 m/km
Detecting method : Potention meter
Plate (axb) : 830x2530 mm
Dimension (LxWxH) : 2660 x 1110 x 150
Power supply : AC 220V / 1ph / 50~60Hz

We supply vehicle inspection any car's brand Koeng Ltd. We have technical support for this equipment and service. Contact us if you interest with our product.
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Inspection Any Car's and Truck
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Standard Products
Koeng Product have been in use at government base transportation in Indonesia. Our specification meets of standar Indonesia.

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